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so you can see the outer pieces for 3 of the Tiny Rose purses here. sort of like quilted rose cookies. my favourite is the blue denim since it’s from thrifted jeans. i’ll keep doing that for all the blue denim Tiny Rose purses. those skinny things, some are curling around on top, are the straps for the Tiny Rose. they are DRIVING ME CRAZY TO MAKE! making SKINNY STRAPS out of denim is INSANE! ahem. there’s also a Moonshine Twins tote in the works there, a design from last year, for my friend Yarnageddon. and a little kooky sketch, like i am inclined to do, and a squiggle of the ruffle part of the pattern, for the Whimsy Wristlet. the Whimsy Wristlet will have the brass teddy or unicorn charm on it, along with some studs!

hmmmm. what else… right, my vintage needles. i’ve collected these things over the years without really realizing it. the perfect needle for the job can be a challenge. anyway, this pack is great. i’ll post another pack of vintage blanket needles i have. they are scary huge and very effective for some of the heavy topstitching i often do on denim.

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