if you follow my bloggings you’ll know that i favour vintage leather goods [shoes & jackets & totes mainly] over new leather goods. for a number of reasons- environmental, $, animals. and i make vegan totes. but over this past year i’ve had so many problems with my vintage shoes i’m not sure it is the way to go anymore. i mean endless polishing [understandable] and gluing [not understandable or at the least not good period] and visits to the shoemaker. so basically i’m using a pile of toxic glue and paying endless small repair bills. so. maybe i should buy NEW SHOES! and buy less shoes, just shoes that last. it still doesn’t solve the leather question. but this is just really irksome and i wanted to bring it up.

full size pic here.

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there’s a place here that makes incredible vintage-ish boots and shoes to measure.
IN A VARIETY OF BEAUTIFUL COLOURS! (i’ll take some pictures when i go in tomorrow for general drooling.
there’s gotta be something along those lines in vancouver..

sjw    10 October 08    #

I think if the shoemaker can repair them, then good – you still saved $, and natural resources. But it’s sometimes hard to tell in the thrift store which ones will fall apart, and which of them will be beyond repair.

Buy less shoes? Can one do that? :/

vasiliisa    11 October 08    #

yeah, i have a ton of vintage shoes too… i hate to say it, but my new shoes also require trips to the shoeman… soo, who knows?

lady coveted    11 October 08    #

Oh man, I hear you on the too-many-vintage-shoes department. And the soles are always worn out and slippery …
But I walked away from my computer for lunch while this was loading, and when walking back toward the photo I was thinking, “Are those bodies? Some sort of model-in-a-swamp thing?” From far away the picture is very confusing.

Mel    13 October 08    #

I totally understand what you are going through. I have bought all leather shoes for the past few years pre-owned and now some are reaching a point of no return. I still avoid buying new ones out of leather by making up excuses for myself when its time to pay. My advice is try mooshoos.com. I bought a pair of silly cowboy boots there and love them all the more each time because I know I did not kill anything for them!

Tatiana    13 October 08    #

well i really appreciate the comments here.

lady sj i’d love to know about it, i have a funny feeling i know of it if it’s in montreal.

vasiliisa yes exactly. definitely you can be more ahead if the thrifted ones work out to any degree. i’m really happy with the last repair job i got. i have new hope!

lady coveted yup exactly! often a no win situation.

Mel hehe that’s funny since a friend already mentioned it looked sort of like an orgy of shoes. he’d appreciate your backup!

Tatiana awesome! and thank you i will check it out :)

SwanDiamondRose    20 October 08    #


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