done! i can’t believe it but my 1st spring items are finally in my
SWANclothing Etsy store. i’ll blog the SWANclothing TINY ROSE purse today. it comes in 3 colours- grey jersey, black denim and faded blue denim. the blue denim version is a recycled pair of jeans. and i’ll keep making the blue denim TINY ROSE purse from upcycled denim [a.k.a. reused or reworked!]

these were a bit stressful to make :S but i’ve wanted to make them since last year as evidenced here, here, here, and here.

1st i built the purse and straps. the straps are lined so they won’t stretch. the purse is serged on the inside. it’s a half-circle, the flat side being the base. the hardware is hand sewn onto the strap and purse sides using a needle and pliers. then i created double sided quilted, embroidered roses which were hand sewn invisibly onto the purse.

and what you get is a cool romantic little number echoing the 80s that can carry your essentials and looks great with a blazer, or t-shirt, or breezy sundress.

see photos large here. more photos and SWANclothing items coming soon, including some colour! remember to check my store and xo :)

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Oh, I love it so. As always, you rock my world.

Mandy    4 April 09    #

thanks muchly! and yey :) that makes me very happy. i can’t wait to show them to you. i am so happy with how they turned out. all solid yet soft. see you soon :)

SwanDiamondRose    4 April 09    #

These purses are beautiful! You are so good at designing handbags!

supayana    5 April 09    #

I didn’t notice the lack of a shoe (ok so I lie) but your new bags are HEAVEN!

Imelda Matt    5 April 09    #

much XO supayana and Imelda. your words mean make me superhappy! thank you :)

SwanDiamondRose    10 April 09    #

What an adorable purse! I love it, especially in the faded denim shade. This is definitely going on my list of things to save up for!

Ashley K    16 April 09    #

thanks very much ashley k :) i would love that of course :)

SwanDiamondRose    18 April 09    #


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