Susie Bubble in action with her Louche…

and she has just written the kindest words about my purses. “I can speak as a customer and give my 5 star stamp of approval. I started carrying it as soon as I got it two days ago and can vouch for it’s top notch quality (two hours worth of close inspection on the Tube…yes, I was THAT bored) and also, the Louche is just a beauty to hold (three compliments and counting).” thank you so much Susie, you are too sweet! your words have given me so much motivation.

do check her insightful & whimsical Style Bubble fashion blog. Susie personalizes the lofty fashionista world. making her own endless discoveries and monitoring the intersection of fashion with supposed non-fashion but nevertheless fashion obsessed people. her topics are genuinely compelling. and her blog is crammed with yummy photos- editorial, her own & historical.

i especially like one of her recent entries about tennis- Love Fifteen.

enjoy the Louche Susie :)

here is the whole article-

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