i hear there is an Ocean Cloud vacationing in Malta… i hope you take pics Jessica ;)

and London-based Susanna Lau a.k.a. Susie Bubble of UK fashion blog Style Bubble received her new Rose Quilted Louche.

mentioned here in her Dear Grey Jersey entry…

“If I pull something of you out of my wardrobe be it a t-shirt, a racerback, or use a bag made out of you (the newest one being a large quilted louche tote courtesy of Swan Diamond Rose), I know I’m not going to get any nasty surprises. Reliable, trusty and no, that never descends into the Volvo state of things. It never gets uninteresting because you have happily obliged to be paired with more colourful things lurking in the closet. You don’t mind playing second fiddle to some sequins, some fringed tights, neon lace or sometimes all three…”

[the jersey totes will be available this fall.] Susie’s been a Louche supporter from the get go pretty much, which i love. and those pics are just wow, sigh-soft grey rainbows. so nice. thanks Susie :)

just wanted to add, i am getting a little jealous maybe? of these totes travels. but mostly i just love it. more to come later this week.

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greynbows! loverly.

jennie    2 August 08    #

hehe nice one jennie

SwanDiamondRose    2 August 08    #


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