as per Susie’s latest StyleBubble project, these are the “lovies” of my style. not the “cogs” but the items i cherish and sort of ferret away, or at least a few of them! the thing is they look like cogs, so i don’t know what my problem is. they are all vintage & thrifted. my closet is now officially out of control again.

1-vintage chain purse with lion’s head closure
2-60s vintage DIY puff sleeve bolero denim jacket
3-80s necklace, rose in ribbon & plastic on satin chain
4-sheer vintage 80s floral bolero blouse
5-vintage 60s victorian influence gogo boots
6-vintage Jordache hot pink tote
7-vintage 80s jean jodhpurs
8-vintage 60s thigh high black leather gogo boots
9-vintage Biba empire cut trench
10-60s? vintage grey wool fitted dress dotted in metal studs
11-vintage empire waist velvet jumper w. ruffles on straps & around bib
12-vintage photo tote
13-the perfect grey suede vintage mini skirt
14-Gunne Sax black satin & lace puff sleeve blouse
15-80s Leo Chevalier puff sleeve blouse
16-vintage sporty 80s planet dress
17-vintage wine leather cowboy ankle boots
18-vintage 80s Cougar brand men style shoes
19-80s batwing tweed paper bag waist jacket
20-80s batwing top
21-little peak of my 70s goddess dress
22-insane vintage black leather cape with hood

if you want to see it bigger go to my Flickr stream and click on ‘ALL SIZES’ above the image.

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I love the Biba trench and the 80’s batwing jacket! I’ve been considering getting a pair of men’s shoes myself…

Sabrina    21 August 06    #

what goregous things! 2, 10 and 15 are especially incredable!

sarah    21 August 06    #

thank you both :)

SwanDiamondRose    22 August 06    #


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