this is a little late to post the opening info but, Kat & Laura of included a photo of me in their Beautifully Worn fashion photo show.

here is more info [i am headless there but i don’t think i am in the show!]… the show is on from October 15-November 30, 2008, at 279 E. Houston St., NYC.

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I saw this a few days ago :)

la femme    21 October 08    #

nice :)

SwanDiamondRose    22 October 08    #

don’t worry, you have your head in the show photo itself :-)

you gave us such a great image, we had to use it on the postcard!

kat    22 October 08    #

kat- phewph :) i cut off my head all the time in pics but was sort of worried here. i’m so glad you used me on the postcard. thanks again for including me :)

SwanDiamondRose    23 October 08    #


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