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you fight a lot of little battles as a small company and then specifically as a maker of things. the good interactions & freedoms outweigh the not-so-good by something like 10 to 1 or better. but here are some of my battles that i don’t often mention- dealing with an occasional unscrupulous shop owner from whom i have to try a little too hard to track down money owed, having to request from my clients a 3 week wait for their order so i don’t have to stockpile fabric [and i don’t mean a battle with my clients, i mean the battle with having to buy small quantities of supplies at a time, timing and cashflow], and now something i figured would happen and am vaguely amused by- does this look like a SWANclothing Louche? but not quite and with a lower price tag. hmmmm…. thank you to the person who pointed this out to me.

when i first started my online business a friend asked if it wouldn’t be hard not to get copied since i put everything online. but i pointed out that it’s hardly a battle that is just mine. we all know how the shows get copied before the clothing hits the stores. i even feel like i can react more quickly to change or problems or with new ideas because of my size. placing something in my blog also notes it as belonging to me and created at a certain point in time. protecting it beyond that seems to be a battle that is presently being addressed by the fashion industry, as oddly one of the last industries to do so for themselves. i can’t remember where the overall situation is at legally but here is a recent example via Imelda The Despotic Queen of Shoes. [see the end of that entry and the YSL situation. and as an aside, go to Imelda‘s blog! seriously! drule…]

i have been wondering about what will happen with my SWANclothing RUFFLE BUSTLE BUMBAG. as vaguely amused as i am by the present situation, i think i might fully freak out at ever seeing copies of the Bumbag. and though it is in the nature of crafting to copy/make/keep your own version of things but to copy/make/sell is a different game.

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That’s really sad…

Just the other day I was in a local chain store who had the audacity to do a t-shirt with McQueen’s butterfly skull print. Of course I’ve been lusting over his tees forever and was tempted to buy it but… nah. I’m sure he’s had enough struggles with counterfeiting without me jumping in and supporting them.

I imagine the amusement will fade fast, so keep your chin up and remember that authenticity & quality will always win!

Amber    8 October 08    #

ooh gosh, i’m so sorry that’s happened… it seems like this story is happening over and over, and it’s hard to protect designers…

lady coveted    8 October 08    #

that is such a bummer, but, all the same, it’s kind of the world indicating that you’re a leader, innovator, and the rest are just followers, imitators. whats more, that piece of shit bag doesn’t have even a shred of the incandescent awesome your bag has. your bag shines and glows. it is what we all want.

and as far as the bum ruffle goes if anyone were to try to take that pony out for a ride i would personally saunter over to their house and box their impetuous ears. what i’m ineptly trying to say is; it doesn’t matter. your designs will get ripped off because they’re awesome. but they’ll never be close to as good as yours. you’ll keep making newer and better and they’ll keep wobbling along in your footsteps, but no one could ever confuse the two.

and do me a personal favor? buy an old leather jacket and make one of those bum ruffle things. i dreampt about it and it not only needs to exist, it needs to be mine..

sjw    8 October 08    #

And why is it being carried by a man with poor posture and a double chin? Very suspicious…

Tania    8 October 08    #

ugh! that sucks so bad.
my friend wendy’s bags seem to be ripped off left and right on etsy lately as well. it’s especially shitty when the rip off artist charges way less (um, hello, didn’t have to come up with the design, pattern quirks, etc) making it seem as though it’s a better deal, when in reality it’s probably shoddily made on TOP of being completely unoriginal and severely lacking in any sort of ethics.

i’m sorry tara. that sucks. just know that your designs are far superior to their knockoffs and the people who count will know and appreciate the difference.

valerie    8 October 08    #

thanks everyone, you are amazing. i really appreciate you coming out and being supportive and hey pissed off too! amazing :)

Amber- good choice and thanks I will :) and how great is your blog! nice.

Jennine- yup, sort of “it’s all in the game” kind of thing but so odd that this industry hasn’t yet set in place more protection

lady sj- you rock. seriously woman. and you are hired for your boxing and copyright protection skillz! AND i’ll find a leather jacket and see what i can do, that’s a brilliant idea for sure. i’m on it :)

tania- so nice to see you here and INDEED! :)

and valerie- thank you too. very much. totally appreciate your words fellow[ette?] sewing sistah :)

SwanDiamondRose    9 October 08    #

this makes me mad, it really does. I want one of your bumbags. I’m saving up. :)

Shay Wilson    11 October 08    #

thanks Shay :) and nothing would make me happier!

SwanDiamondRose    20 October 08    #


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